What does Sarah look for in a pitch?

Pitching something might be hard – at least for the first dozen and more times. Here Sarah Guo (Venture Capitalist at Greylock Partners) is sharing really valuable and comprehensive insight on the topics, which are important to her. A really great 10-12 minutes read!

The pains of growing a platform

This blog talks about the pains of growing a platform. For SaaS companies today, everyone wants to be the next big platform. But if you think it’s as simple as having some integrations and public APIs, think again. These three tips will help you recognize what a successful platform business really requires.

Innovation Metrics vs Execution Metrics

“It’s a huge challenge for innovation teams to establish and implement innovation metrics in their organization. Why? Because they substantially differ from the established metrics that focus on execution.” Here is the article.

Integrating Startups into the Parent Organization

Establishing the metrics that define success, creating “islands of freedom” with appropriate and scalable liability constraints, and convincing senior leadership to adopt this new approach each involve difficult negotiations that require professional and full-time attention.

The fundamental questions are: For any experiment that succeeds, how will it find a home in the organization? Will it be absorbed by an existing division or become an entirely new division? How is that decided? Whose decision is it? Keep on reading here!

Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

Building on top of the post Corporate Innovation Ecosystem there is a great article, which brings strategy and execution in context, where the idea is closing the gap between strategy and execution may not be about better execution after all, but rather about better learning — about more dialogue between strategy and operations, a greater flow of information from customers to executives, and more experiments. Read the article here!

Ideas Don’t Matter In Innovation & Entrepreneurship

When talking about Start-Ups (counts also for “Start-Ups in Corporates”, of course) I indicated in recent posts the importance of the team (still my favorite and most important ingredient of success), AND also how significant an initial good idea on the business case is – I find this post quite refreshing when talking about “IDEAs”.

Corporate Innovation Ecosystem – Print it and stick it to your wall!

During recent chats I had within a very inspiring environment and subsequently looking for a nice “One Pager” talking about Corporate Innovation Ecosystem I found this:

Well, it is one view on this to look at it – and I tend to say it is a really good view. Take it as a start … chat about it, take it as discussion ‘stimulation’, make it fit for you – and enjoy it.

So, print it and put it to your office walls … and do not miss to visit the originator’s website!