How To Be A Game-Changing Leader


To build a game-changing organization, maintain a sense of duality: urgency with patience, leadership with individual accountability, learning with leading, and stewardship with change.

These are the five goals that game-changing leaders must embrace.
1. Create clarity
2. Unleash energy
3. Build trust
4. Win today
5. Shape tomorrow

“Leaders are never satisfied with the status quo. They’re always questioning and asking for input,” he said. “If we’re going to build organizations that are purpose-driven, performance-focused, and principle-led, we need to cultivate a new perspective on the skillsets and mindsets of our enterprise leaders.”

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Analysis Paralysis…Innovators Move Fast

“Refining your idea too much in the early stages of testing is a trap. Uncertainty and risk is at its maximum when you start out. You can’t reduce uncertainty with analytical thinking, so don’t waste your time perfecting your idea. It’s really about getting out there, searching for evidence, and iterating.”
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Why There’s No Such Thing as a Corporate Entrepreneur

“Can we please agree that there is no such thing as a corporate entrepreneur?
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The term corporate entrepreneur devalues what real entrepreneurs do, and it creates a haze of hokum around people trying to innovate in large companies that sets them up to fail.

Five things differentiate the entrepreneur from the innovation leader:

* Bureaucracy and politics
* Upside
* Fear of failure
* Persistence
* Private vs. Public”

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Many Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually A Strategy

“Many strategy execution processes fail because the firm does not have something worth executing.
Several important topics to be considered in order to setup and implement when processing on your strategy:

* Communicate your logic
* It’s not just a top-down process
* Let selection happen organically
* Make change your default

For a successful strategy implementation process, however, it is useful to put the default the other way around: Change it unless it is crystal clear that the old way is substantially better. Execution involves change. Embrace it.” – Read the full blog on Harvard Business Review here.

Why Execution and Innovation Are Fundamentally Different

“We (rem: Stratgyzer) decided to repost a video because it continues to be one of the biggest challenges we see companies face: to create two parallel cultures of world-class execution and world class innovation that collaborate harmoniously.”