Duolingo: how they nailed their product and became the #1 education app

Sales Flare blog breaks here down the customer-centric thinking Duolingo applied to understand what its customers really want.

It’s important to prioritize customer experiments around what will make the most impact.

Importance = Business Impact * Uncertainty

What does the word important really mean, and how will this guide creating value for your company and your customers?

Regardless of how you define importance for new business ideas, priority and impact are the major drivers to finding success. Read the complete LinkedIn article from Tristan Kromer here.

The Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Pivot

A break down of the many styles of pivots that can take place when running new business experiments.

It’s important to understand which direction you might be going as you generate evidence to validate or invalidate your new business ideas. Keep reading here.

“The Lean Startup” is an unproductive legend

A provocative take down of the popular innovation method.

Lean Startup has yet to show consistent success for startups and large companies who apply the methodology. We’ve yet to see it really work in corporate innovation. Read the article here.

Your Job is Not to Make Every Possible Customer Happy

The art of entrepreneurship and the science of Customer Development is not just getting out of the building and listening to prospective customers. It’s understanding who to listen to and why.

It’s easy to get lost in building every feature possible. Steve Blank provides insight into how you should understand customer priorities here.

Want To Build A Culture Of Innovation? Master The Design Critique

Innovative companies conduct frequent feedback sessions to assess success or failure.

Building a culture of constructive criticism is important. This article lays out some tips for implementing in your organization.

No bosses, no managers: the truth behind the ‘flat hierarchy’ facade

Exploring the real outcomes of “flat” company cultures where management and rules are relaxed to encourage creativity, innovation, and happy workers here.

Some good examples on what not to do, and the danger signs to keep an eye out for. Remember: culture has to be constantly nurtured.

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018

Innovation Leader has released an 80-page report on corporate innovation in 2018 here.

This is a great read on what are the obstacles–and enablers–for innovation inside companies. Enjoy the data!