How to Be Innovative and Cut Costs

Go to this summary of the book Costovation which highlights approaches anyone can use to reduce costs while adding value to customers.

Innovation is not always about the latest gadgetry or technology, but about innovating how you conduct your business.

CIO’s guide to creating a dashboard for tracking innovation projects

Here is an example of a tool in use, used to track innovation progress and defined KPIs.

“Innovation projects are just like any others – project managers and leaders need to track milestones, budgets and metrics.”

On the difficulty of defining disruption

Read here how disrupters are often novelties or fleeting. How does time and traction factor into the definition of disruption?

“What is viewed as disruption is often plain old luck.”

Innovation a Problem? Go Back to ‘Day One’ the Way Amazon Constantly Does.

Here is how Amazon, Microsoft and GE have fostered a customer-centric culture.

There’s a highlighted need for outside help.

Digital transformation, with empathy – a change management view

Success of digital transformation projects will depend upon organizational transformation.

Too many projects fail because of lack of taking human factors into account – read the story here.

A Beginners Guide to User Journey Mapping

A comprehensive walk-through guide for user journey mapping.

Tools help businesses understand their customers better.

Mapping out your users’ experiences allows you to understand several important factors that shape the overall impression they will walk away with. Some questions you might ask about your users’ journey could include:

Why did they downloaded and opened the app in the first place?
How easy is the app to understand and use immediately?
How long it does it take them to accomplish what they came there to do?
How well does their experience extend across multiple channels, and where do they experience gaps?

Read the complete article here!

Google Spent Years Studying Great Teams. These 5 Qualities Contributed Most to Its Success

To build a successful team, you must find the balance between results and culture.

Essentially the qualities are:
1. Psychological safety
2. Dependability
3. Structure and clarity
4. Meaning
5. Impact

Read the full story here on Inc.

Defining effectiveness is essential in evaluating a team.

Give Your Team the Freedom to Do the Work They Think Matters Most

A liberated company allows employees to decide whats best for a company’s vision.

Decathlon & Michelin are amongst the two companies who are seeing tangible results from the change. Read the full story here on hbr.

The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters

Here is a tool for delegating and prioritizing decision making.

Consequential and irreversible decisions are the ones that you really need to focus on.

Bezos Unbound: Exclusive Interview With The Amazon Founder On What He Plans To Conquer Next

Read an exclusive interview with CEO Jeff Bezos on building the Amazon empire and their ‘day 1’ mindset here at Forbes.

Emphasis on growth rather than profits has propelled Amazon into the business stratosphere.