5 Business Leaders Share Their Best Advice for Organizational Change

Lots of individuals look to self-improve in order to grow, but what about companies?

Learn here a few useful tips to help set the north star in your organisation and build a better business.

Walmart as “innovation company” – the CEO perspective on retail digital transformation

CEO Doug McMillon outlines the importance of testing and failure and how they’ve applied it at Walmart.

Here is an interesting insight into one Walmart’s customer-centric focus and how it’s growing the company.

Why Kodak Died and Fujifilm Thrived: A Tale of Two Film Companies

All of a sudden Kodak and Fujifilm were forced to compete against dozens of companies in the low margin business of digital cameras.

Fujifilm took a diversified approach (cosmetics, electronics) to their innovation strategy in order to generate new revenues outside of the saturated, low-profit digital camera industry. Read the full article here.

Uber’s Secret Weapon Is Its Team Of Economists

Ubernomics developed as a means to use Uber’s massive database of customer behavior and turned into a marketing tool.

Key resources can grow into revenue streams! How? read here

Why Product Doesn’t Win

The product-as-genius myth creates false hope for companies that seem just one good product idea away from a turnaround.

Businesses succeed because of business models, and product is just one part of the plan. Keep reading

Sears, the Original Everything Store, Files for Bankruptcy

Sears’ failure to innovate has nearly relegated the 134-year-old company to the corporate graveyard.

They failed to address the e-commerce needs of the modern customer (similar to Toys’R’Us), and let other retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot take over their market share. Read the full story here.

Uber, Lyft, Taxis, Design and the Age of Ambivalence

The true innovation behind ride hailing apps is the design of the rider (user) experience not the technology behind the apps

Design as a disruptive force can have unintended consequences. Keep reading here!

Toyota looks to SoftBank’s Son as a catalyst for innovation

Toyota and SoftBank have teamed up to transform the automotive company into a “mobility services” company.

They are racing to catch up to technology companies before it loses its market position -read the full story here.

The New Atlanta Billionaires Behind An Unlikely Tech Unicorn

Mailchimp has built a stunning business model by addressing small to medium business marketing jobs-to-be-done and pains – read here.

You don’t need cutting edge tech to succeed when you’ve got a strong business model and value proposition.

3 Tips to Help You Prototype a Service

Prototyping for service design should be co-created with the people responsible for delivering the service and based on real customer needs.

Prototyping helps us pick apart our assumptions, see where we’ve made progress, and where we’ve failed. Read story here.