Can the ‘broken’ fashion industry become more sustainable?

The world has been warned by fashion leaders that the industry drastically requires new business models to counter the environmental harm of fast fashion.

Read here why Young people’s shopping habits have changed and asking for more sustainable and diverse business model alternatives than the ones currently offered by the big high street brands.

153 Of The Biggest, Costliest Startup Failures Of All Time

A list of 153 of the most well-funded startup companies that ultimately failed or had an undesirable exit.

A concrete reminder that raising a huge amount of capital isn’t going to validate your business model (examples such as Wonga & Jawbone are two notable cases). Keep reading here.

The ‘Neo-Banks’ Are Finally Having Their Moment

A new wave of alternative banks are attracting millions of customers away from the traditional banks.

Read here how companies such as Revolut and Monzo in Europe and Chime in the US are focused on offering a solution to customer pains such as unwarranted overdraft and transaction fees.

This Software Company Has a $1 Billion Valuation, 800 Employees, and Zero Offices

Read here how InVision is dispelling a myth that physical proximity is a prerequisite for creative teams.

Innovation is not magic. It’s the conclusion of the right setting. When you become super deliberate, it’ll happen a lot more often.

Changing role: CIOs taking the lead in driving ‘distributed innovation’

Logicalis Global survey of 840 CIOs finds that 83% now driving or enabling new approaches to organisational innovation.

Digital progress has reached a tipping point where a half of respondents say their organisation’s business model has already changed or is changing.

WeChat, the App for Everything, Is Helping China Become a Cashless Society

WeChat has innovated text, voice, search, payments and even an national identification systems into one app, reaching over a billion monthly active users this month.

Being the only operator behind the ‘Great Firewall’, WeChat has become a force to be reckoned with for western brands. Keep reading here.

How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows

The skills you mastered for the first part of the startup journey might not be the same as the ones needed to scale a company.

Read here on learn how to adapt to change as startups go through the three defined phases of search, build and grow.

How Companies Get You to Pay More for the Same Product

Strategies for increasing revenue include bundles, collaborations, ephemeral product drops and so-called premium economy.

Read more here on add-on revenue models with a unique marketing twist can attract customers.

3 Business Models That Could Bring Million-Dollar Cures to Everyone

There’s a drastic need for business model innovation within the healthcare and insurance industries.

Product classes with fundamentally new performance profiles can’t be dropped into an existing business model and expected to work. Follow this link to complete story.

Think Tank: Retailers are Upping Their Content Game

Many retailers are investing significant resources in producing materials that look exactly like what their customers are reading, watching and experiencing.

Content can be a means of creating a long term relationship (building an engaged community) with customers – keep reading here.