We’re No Longer in Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline.

The commoditization of smartphones is likely to cause a vast shake up in the market, with new brands emerging and older ones disappearing.

With product innovation in smartphones coming to an end, the real strength will be the companies with strong business model innovation to survive the decline. Read here.

Amazon Go Convenience At Airports Could Be A Huge Opportunity For The Airline Industry

The rise of Amazon Go provides a great opportunity to an industry that’s been traditionally slow to innovate.

Customer lock in within Amazon’s business model (prime) allows them to interact with customers in new locations – read here.

Checking In? No Thanks. I’m Just Here to Use the Wi-Fi.

WeWork is getting into the hotel game, and hotels are revamping their lobbies as “productivity spaces” to offer Wi-Fi and coffee as alternatives to co-working spaces.

Idle key resources can be put to use and offered to a new customer segment, like digital nomads. Read it here.

Why China’s electric-car industry is leaving Detroit, Japan, and Germany in the dust

The Chinese government is embracing the shift from combustion to electric engines in a way no other country can match, and it’s made electric vehicles one of the 10 pillars of Made in China 2025 Plan.

Their strategy of using free license plates for EVs and its infrastructure for building electronics has catapulted local production. Using a key resource and a captive audience to spur growth – keep reading here.

Why Business Leaders and Designers Work Well Together

Over the last 10 years design-led companies have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 211 percent.

Knowledge-based business thinking and imagination-based design thinking is the ying and yang of good business. Read here the full story.

End the Innovation Obsession

Adopting the shiniest new technology is not the answer to innovation.

Rather, look to adopt new ideas and tools that already exist but make sense in a new context, or return to methods that have evidence of working in the past. Keep reading here.

Volvo’s New Pitch: ‘Don’t Buy This Car’

Read here why the automotive giant is trying to convince customers to move away from leasing deals and rather pay for a monthly subscription, which includes concierge-like services.

Volvo has warmed to the allure of recurring revenues just as subscription models are taking a hold of a variety of products and services.

How Tech Market Makers Build Value

Market makers such as Google and Amazon continually spend M&A and R&D dollars to create demand where none presently exists.

A culture of risk taking and innovation along with the ability to make smart deals can spark growth. Keep reading here.

Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen?

Microsoft are worth as much as Apple, by betting big on the cloud while walking away from losing bets.

They have become a case study of how a once-dominant company can build on its strengths and avoid being a prisoner of its past. Keep reading here

Netflix, Prime, Blue Apron: How subscription businesses are taking over

Paid subscription-based business models help restore the healthy dynamic between the vendor and the customer.

Read here why it is not about the physical product itself, but what the customer is trying to do that matters.