‘Amazon is a threat’ but Ikea’s digital chief says she has a plan

IKEA’s phenomenal retail growth led them to becoming disconnected from the modern digital needs of their customers.

A focus on better serving customers will help IKEA be fit for the future. Keep reading here.

Why you should rebuild your business as often as possible

Rebuilding a business isn’t an option, it’s the only way forward.

Read here why resyncing the business with a more updated version of the leadership, customer base, and trends is what stimulates growth.

The Apple Card is a perfect example of Apple’s post-iPhone strategy

Apple’s pivot from a hardware to a services company is their largest strategic move since the iPhone in 2007.

By building multiple recurring revenue streams and keeping money within their 1.4 billion-device ecosystem is a move not to be underestimated. Keep reading the story here.

Adobe CEO – Why The Company Had To Transform

Adobe’s successful transformation from a licence to subscription business model.

By prioritising and focusing on their customer experience, Adobe flipped a traditional model on its head. Keep reading the short story here.

How Managerial Leadership Drives Innovation

It’s hard to build an organization that is capable of innovating successfully over and over again.

Innovation is the source of competitive advantage, so it’s naturally hard to do. Read the interview with Gary Pisano here.

Are Gains the Opposite of Pains?

Three simple hacks on how to sharpen your thinking on customers’ pains and gains.

It’s good practice to ask yourself what pains and gains could live on a continuum – and if so, then what type? Read the story here.

Consumers and Innovators Win on a Level Playing Field

CEO Daniel Ek bemoans the lack of fairness, competition and level playing field on the App Store.

Apple’s ‘lock-in’ business model combined with a 30% payments tax is causing quite a stir inside Spotify’s leadership team. Read the original post here. Interestingly: there is a statement from Apple on Spotify’s claim – you find that here.

The Value of Failure: How We Can Make the Most of Losing

Common leadership failures that we can learn from, and hopefully steer clear of, in order to be more effective leaders.

Instead of just focusing on what it takes to be successful, we should be keenly aware of shortcomings that hinder our success. Keep reading about the lesson of failure here.

Can Google Create the Netflix of Gaming?

Cloud gaming creates the opportunity for Google and Amazon to have a chance to buy their way in, similar to what they did in the music and video industries.

The question is whether or not Google will sell games individually or via a subscription business model, like Netflix and Spotify. Keep reading here.

The Science of Innovation

A breakdown of the science behind designing more innovative organisations.

As teams and companies grow larger, the stakes in outcome decrease while the perks of rank increase. When the two cross, the system snaps. Read the full story here.