Innovation Versus R&D Spending

Investments in R&D to foster technology, science or product innovation are just the first steps towards success.

The hard part of innovation is achieving market success with the technology and products we invent. Read more? Go here to continue for 3 more minutes.

Amazon Takes A Bite Into Deliveroo

A whopping $575m investment from the internet giant into London-based food delivery company, Deliveroo.

A great example of Amazon’s approach towards managing their innovation portfolio: Invest in young growth companies. Keep reading here for 3 more minutes.

Sony’s Deal With Microsoft Blindsided Its Own Team

Increasingly faster internet speeds are allowing customers to play on any screen, any time, rather than through a console like the PlayStation.

A bold strategic partnership to help stop Microsoft’s current reliance on Amazon Web Services and build their own cloud gaming service – go here for more.

Workers should fear “so-so” innovations the most of all

New research suggests it is not the ‘brilliant’ automation technologies that threaten employment and wages.

Keep reading here on why innovations aren’t as beneficial when they only lead to small improvements in productivity.

How to Adapt and Flow

At age 26, Chip Conley founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality and grew the company into the second largest boutique hotel brand in the United States.

Learn the valuable insights that have allowed him to flourish while shifting roles and accommodating to cultural change. Hey, and this time you can relax and lean back when watching the 45 minutes video here! 🙂

I’m Walking Away From the Product I Spent a Year Building

The story behind Level and why it failed.

Unicorn dreams shouldn’t bias your decisions. Keep reading here for the full story.

Is Ambition Overrated

Life, just with with less ambition.

Between the time your wake up and go to sleep, are you really doing what you want to do? Read the full story here

The Empty Promise of Data Moats

Questioning if there’s practical evidence of data network effects at all. 

Data is and can be very useful to inform decision making, but don’t let it misguide you. Some insights? Here we go …

Uber and the doublespeak at the heart of Silicon Valley

Technology isn’t just disrupting how we work or how we get around; it’s distorting reality and reshaping narratives.

Keep reading here on new forms of collective governance have arrived, all driven by platforms.

The Company Behind Gore-Tex Is Coming for Your Eyeballs

A story of business re-invention on a giant scale.

New market, new mission, new momentum – keep reading here.