What business leaders can learn from jazz

The “MAGIC” of jazz leadership.

It encourages innovation, supported autonomy, shared leadership, improvisation, and clear communication. Hey, it worth reading it and investing the 3 minutes – even though you might not be a musician 🙂 – Keep reading here.

Is Your Company Ready for a Zero-Carbon Future?

There is growing public demand for a rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. 

Failing to be part of the carbon solution will impact your ability to attract talent, manage risk, and innovate for growth. Topic that shall concern all of us – here is more to read.

Tesla Beating Competitors Even With Its Hands Tied

Only 10 states in the U.S. allow Tesla’s direct sales model, while 11 states have banned it. 

Imagine what Tesla sales would be if there were no artificial hoops their customers had to jump through. Short one – just ONE MINUTE.

Journalism needs new business models, not more complaints about Big Tech

Plenty of newsrooms are clinging onto decaying business models.

Going against the grain when it comes to customer habits is rarely a good idea. Keep reading here.

AmazonBasics products are now best-sellers in 22 of Amazon’s 51 categories

Create a marketplace, fill it with merchants, then offer customers more value through your efficiencies of scale.

Amazon’s private label brand generated $7.5 billion last year alone, and is expected to grow. A new growth engine perhaps? Read here more on it …

Amazon’s next big thing may redefine big

Arguably their biggest innovation to date, AWS, looks the most likely digital engine to power the future of machine learning.

It’s in society’s direction to actually decide which technology is applicable under which conditions. Interested in reading more? Go here and invest 5 minutes for reading.

Can the circular economy end the era of ‘throwaway living’?

Circular business models have the potential to unlock $1.5t of new economic growth.

It starts with optimising supply chains, innovating new products and finally entire business models. Keep reading here.

Mark Zuckerberg just pulled a Jeff Bezos, and Libra could be Amazon Web Services

Facebook’s move into crypto could create a new growth engine, just like AWS did for Amazon. 

Companies that pay too much attention to competitors lose sight of what customers want. Read the complete story here – it’ll take you just 2 minutes.

Pokémon GO and optimism as a business model

The virtual reality (VR) hype has drastically faded since the release of Pokemon Go.

Technology hasn’t totally lost its potential to be transformative in a positive way, but we’ve become more sceptical – read more here.

Why Some Leaders Have Their Employees’ Trust, and Some Don’t

There are two types of organisations: high-trust & low-trust in their leaders. 

Engagement and trust don’t happen if they’re simply left to chance … go here for some more reading