A New Way For Electricity

A fascinating insight into how a 100-year-old business model is undergoing radical transformation.

In today’s world it’s riskier to kind of maintain the status quo than it is to try and do something different. 5-6 minutes read here.

Why Do Media Companies Struggle To Produce Anything Of Value

A detailed analysis on why media companies struggle to create value.

Most wait for others to try new things, and then adopt those things once they have proven successful. Quick 2 minutes read – if you follow this link.

Spotify Needs To Scale Its Ad Business. Can Podcasts Fix The Problem?

Spotify have gone on a huge acquisition and marketing spree in a bid to drive their advertising revenues.

We tend to forget that the tech giant is a global advertising platform as well as a streaming business. Read complete 3 minutes story here.

In Praise of the Incurably Curious Leader

The business case for being curious and why it’s an enduring leader behaviour.

Companies don’t become great by themselves, or by accident.Interested to read more? It will be 3 minutes read here.

Managing Innovation Portfolios – Principles Before Tools

A portfolio framework without strategy is a performance, not a useable tool.

Be creative: use existing tools, mix and match, and develop your own toolkit – and keep reading for 6 minutes here.

Don’t Blame Research For A Lack Of Innovation

Thousands of companies find it easier to turn their back on new ideas because they’re simply too difficult to handle.

We need to re-balance the efforts to ensure we’re spending enough time partnering with our clients to help these ideas survive and thrive. It is a 3 minutes read here.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Preparing To Leave The Lab – Is The World Ready?

The business case for launching legged robots.

Can robots really make working life better or will humans be treated more like robots? It’s an interesting 5 minutes read here.

Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation. 

A wave of business model innovation will be upon us soon. Short blog on avc here.

The wisdom of Charles Handy

How not to fall into the management trap.

Humans should only be used to do what humans do best: coming together to get things done as sensibly and creatively and effectively as possible. Read the full story here – it will take you just 3 minutes.

Traditional company, new businesses: The pairing that can ensure an incumbent’s survival

Big companies need to innovate outside of their core business.

Taking the explore & exploit approach to innovation is the only way to survive long-term disruption and truly thrive in the business world. Follow this link and invest a bit more than 5 minutes to read …