How Does WeWork Make Money?

A thorough breakdown of WeWork’s business model and their plans for the future.

Is WeWork’s business model just a house of cards fuelled by Silicon Valley, or is there something more? Keep reading here.

Deliveroo’s Virtual Restaurant Model Will Eat The Food Service Industry, As Amazon Piles In To Fund U.S. Expansion

A powerful combination of new technology and business model innovation.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the market – a Blue Ocean business model innovation going mainstream. Invest 4 minutes to read here.

Managing for a sustainable ecosystem

The belief that “maximising shareholder value” is the first priority should no longer hold true.

We need to move from an economic system optimised for growth and profit to one optimised for human well-being and a sustainable ecosystem. Quick 1 minutes read here.

How to Influence the Business

How product managers can influence the business and run more effective experiments.

Solve product problems by validating the assumptions of desirability, viability, and feasibility. Nice 3 minutes read and a 20 minutes video here.

How Established Companies Can Foster A Culture Of Innovation

To grow and succeed, companies can’t bet on their initial innovation.

Regardless of industry, the best bet for lasting success is to build a culture of innovation.  Read the story here.

Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’

A framework for successful transformations.

The path to digital transformation is littered with episodes that disrupt customers, employees, and partners. Reading and watching (video): follow me.

Starbucks Chases Amazon Into The Cloud With Investment In Tech Startup Brightloom

Bringing the technologies of both companies together to build the ultimate end-to-end platform for restaurants to meet increased consumer demand.

Key partnerships can play a key role in growing your business model. Keep reading the story here.

Innovation: too much talk and not enough thinking

Ways of fostering creativity instead of obsession with superficial ideas.

Too few people are involved in the innovation process, resulting in a clear failure to capture the organisation’s cognitive surplus. Interested in reading more? Follow this link to the 3 minutes read.

Inside Foot Locker’s bananas plan to survive in post-mall America

Foot Locker have built a separate unit designed to gather insights about the current state of the sneaker industry.

They seek to better understand and address the needs of sneaker buyers at every stage of the process, from retail to advertising campaigns. Keep reading for 3 minutes here.