Target’s Innovation Continues to Drive Value

Creating value for shareholders beyond e-commerce.

By diversifying it’s approach to innovation, Target has grown consistently across partnerships, e-commerce and their in-store retail experience. Read story here.

Microsoft and Disney Partner on Cloud Innovations

The right partnerships can drastically improve the velocity at which you can innovate.

Partnerships are an often under-looked component of the Business Model Canvas. Just a 1 minute read here.

To Really Innovate, Think Like a User

Understanding a user’s mindset is a critical piece in the innovation puzzle.

More than 160 cognitive biases can interfere with your ability to put yourself in customers’s shoes. Keep reading here.

Most Companies Lack A Defined Innovation Strategy

Innovation efforts are shifting from invention and R&D to full transformation.

Executing before your organization has a defined strategy can cause more confusion & conflict. Read the 2 minutes story here.

Mastering The Duality Of Digital: How Companies Withstand Disruption

Building new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations.

Incumbents must mount a well-calibrated, dual effort to create new models and digitize current businesses. Keep reading here at McKinsey.

11 Lessons From Startup Chapter 11s

11 detailed case studies looking into what caused the demise of such promising businesses.

There’s something to be learned from each and every one of these stories that you can apply to your own businesses to ensure this doesn’t happen! Keep reading here.

Volkswagen CSO on the company’s newest electric car: ‘Without Elon Musk, my job would have been much more difficult’

VW plans to build around 22 million electric cars over the next ten years.

Being the first-mover means every other competitor will be chasing after you. Keep reading this full story here.

Forging partnerships to create a tipping point in sustainability

Why partnerships among government, civil society, and business are urgently needed.

Once you define your purpose, you have to live up to it. Interested in more? Follow this link.

America’s Most Innovative Leaders

Measuring four essential leadership qualities of top founders and CEOs.

These are the visionaries that are reshaping the industries around them. Keep reading right here.

Apple Finally Confronts Its Growth-Starved Reality

Apple is finally displaying a willingness to change its business model.

Smartphone sales have stalled globally and Apple are going wide rather than narrow to continue growing it’s business. Continue reading here.