How Giving Thinkers and Tinkerers Room to Experiment Builds a Better Company

Companies that go the experimental route must be open to some failure.

Not all experiments will work out. The the story here.

Why The Government Isn’t A Bigger Version Of A Startup

Innovation activities in government agencies most often result in innovation theater.

While these activities shape and build culture, they don’t win wars, and rarely deliver shippable or deployable products. Read the story here.

Interview with Alexander Osterwalder – Co-Author of Business Model Generation

Jorge Pimenta catches up with Alex Osterwalder at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

The biggest quality a good entrepreneur has is to get up after being told you’re an idiot a hundred times. Keep reading here.

Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Ecosystem

Building an innovation ecosystem requires developing capabilities for exploring new ideas, experimentation, accepting failure, and working with external partners.

Leveraging talent both inside and outside of the company, is the best way to respond to a competitive, ever-changing environment. Folllow this link to read the full story.

Placing more women in C-suite roles encourages innovation

Recent research suggests that more women in top jobs equals greater innovation for firms.

A theory suggests that creativity flourishes when a diverse group of people works together. Keep reading here.

Why Is Productivity Down When Innovation Is Way Up—And What Do We Do About It?

We need to make significant investments into our innovation infrastructure.

It’s time to upgrade. Read full story here.

Corporate innovation labs: Source of innovation or marketing hype?

Innovation theatre is real.

We need to go beyond efficiency innovation and apply explore and exploit model. Keep reading here.

5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please

A radically different approach to work.

Microsoft just tested it in Japan with surprising results. Interested in keep reading here?

The Life-Changing Art of Asking Instead of Telling

An introduction to the mindset of the humble enquirer.

We’re inconsistent in what we say we value versus what the “artifacts” tell us. Read the story here.

Your Mission Statement Is Not Your Company Culture

If you see something off-culture and ignore it, you’ve created a new culture.

People who get away with not living the company values makes bad behaviour seem okay to others. Keep reading here.