When Employees Are Open With Each Other, But Not Management

Side conversations can have a detrimental effect on a company’s culture. 

They occur because people believe it’s not acceptable to tell the truth publicly. More reading here.

Internal Boeing messages detail how pressure to cut costs eroded company's renowned safety culture

A profit-focused management culture seems to have overwhelmed safety concerns.

Play ball, or else… Keep reading here.

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

The rise of remote and distributed teams and the companies driving them.

A deep dive into the work collaboration space and how businesses are forming the future of work. Got interested? Follow this link.

Emotional baggage

Away’s founders sold a vision of travel and inclusion, but former employees say it masked a toxic work environment.

The founders were allowed to complain to one another in private, but employees were expected to have almost every conversation in public. Invest 5 minutes and read full story here.

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard talks sustainability, Amazon & saving the planet

How a business can mitigate the ravages of capitalism on earth’s environment.

Find out why Chouinard is so excited about regenerative agriculture, and Patagonia’s rising political machine. Read full story here.

Amy Edmondson: Psychological safety is critically important in medicine

Creating an interpersonal climate in which all employees feel empowered to speak up will lead to fewer errors and better performing teams.

Psychologically safe workplaces are not the norm, so nobody should feel bad about not having one yet. Keep reading here!

Testing business ideas – bookreview

Maaren Korz shares his review of our latest business bestseller Testing Business Ideas.

It’s great to see the new concepts resonating in the community and reviewed by others. Video takes roughly 8 minutes – got that time? Go here

IMD Business School: A Short Video Series on the Business Model Canvas

Two videos from IMD Business School on the Business Model Canvas.

Alex Osterwalder runs through the tool as well as the common pitfalls when it comes to innovation. Got interested? Follow this link!

Innovation Portfolio Management – Principles Before Tools

Innovation managers need to build frameworks that are useful for making decisions.

Without that basis in strategy, any portfolio map is an academic waste of time at best, and innovation theatre at worst. Keep reading here.

Era Ends for Google as Founders Step Aside From a Pillar of Tech

Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have taken a back seat in their roles at the tech giant, but nevertheless retain a 51% control of the company.

Can Google CEO Sundar Pichai also be Alphabet’s Chief Entrepreneur for moonshots at the same time – follow this link to find out.