Scale Faster – Build Smarter #Velocity Is Everything

Great collection of Stanford eCorner – “It’s simple in theory. You move fast or you fail. At their best, startups channel chameleon-like adaptability while speeding forward. They seize opportunities, validate customer needs, and manage rapid growth.”

Stanford eCorner collected their favorite tips to help you learn to scale faster and build smarter.

For visionaries, recognize opportunity: Artifical intelligence has transformed the landscape of tech products and jobs. Start imagining what customers and skilled workers will need next with Meg Whitman, formerly of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Chris Gerdes, Stanford Professor and former Chief Innovation Officer at the United States Department of Transportation.

For product managers, implement a customer development process: Instead of asking, can we build it? Start asking, should we build it? Learn to test your proof of concept using easy experiments with Alberto Savoia, formerly of Google and Sun Microsystems.

For founders and managers, manage the messiness of scaling: Growth adds complexity. It’s your job to keep processes simple. Distill the difference between constructive chaos and pure dysfunction with Dom Price, Head of R&D at Atlassian.”

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