What business leaders can learn from jazz

The “MAGIC” of jazz leadership.

It encourages innovation, supported autonomy, shared leadership, improvisation, and clear communication. Hey, it worth reading it and investing the 3 minutes – even though you might not be a musician 🙂 – Keep reading here.

What blocks innovation – How to build trust as a foundation for innovation

Without trust between colleagues and team, avenues of communication experience gridlock.

Companies that clearly define their team players’ roles and talk about innovation transparently from day one have a better chance of constructing cohesive teams. Keep reading here.

Many Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually A Strategy

“Many strategy execution processes fail because the firm does not have something worth executing.
Several important topics to be considered in order to setup and implement when processing on your strategy:

* Communicate your logic
* It’s not just a top-down process
* Let selection happen organically
* Make change your default

For a successful strategy implementation process, however, it is useful to put the default the other way around: Change it unless it is crystal clear that the old way is substantially better. Execution involves change. Embrace it.” – Read the full blog on Harvard Business Review here.