Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile: What is the difference?

Here is a really good write up the upper mentioned “buzz words”. Constantly they are used – not always ‘correctly’ …

Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile can be combined as shown in the picture above:

  • Empathize, Define and Ideate through Design Thinking
  • Turn ideas into Business models following the lean startup
  • Build and deliver the product incrementally and faster through Agile processes.

Read the complete original story here.

The Incumbent’s Dilemma: How Large Organizations Are Being Disrupted By Their Own Assumptions

The need to align with customer needs and completely remove any ‘assumptions’ from your business decision-making.

Read here if your business decisions are guided by data that isn’t constantly refreshed, your product strategy will quickly grow stale and out of touch with what consumers actually want and need.

Innovation a Problem? Go Back to ‘Day One’ the Way Amazon Constantly Does.

Here is how Amazon, Microsoft and GE have fostered a customer-centric culture.

There’s a highlighted need for outside help.

No bosses, no managers: the truth behind the ‘flat hierarchy’ facade

Exploring the real outcomes of “flat” company cultures where management and rules are relaxed to encourage creativity, innovation, and happy workers here.

Some good examples on what not to do, and the danger signs to keep an eye out for. Remember: culture has to be constantly nurtured.

Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

Building on top of the post Corporate Innovation Ecosystem there is a great article, which brings strategy and execution in context, where the idea is closing the gap between strategy and execution may not be about better execution after all, but rather about better learning — about more dialogue between strategy and operations, a greater flow of information from customers to executives, and more experiments. Read the article here!