This is why hackathons are essentially useless

A lot of work is put into ideas that never make it past the day of the event.

Hackathons are a perfect example of “innovation theatre”. Have path for “after the Hackathon” and drive things though. Keep reading here.

The Age of Innovation is Here to Stay, Are You Prepared for It?

While the internet still continues to drive economic growth and disrupt certain industries, we’re on the verge of the next wave.

Organizations need to ensure the competitiveness of current business models (explore) while simultaneously preparing for the future (exploit). Here is the full story.

Target’s Innovation Continues to Drive Value

Creating value for shareholders beyond e-commerce.

By diversifying it’s approach to innovation, Target has grown consistently across partnerships, e-commerce and their in-store retail experience. Read story here.

Spotify Needs To Scale Its Ad Business. Can Podcasts Fix The Problem?

Spotify have gone on a huge acquisition and marketing spree in a bid to drive their advertising revenues.

We tend to forget that the tech giant is a global advertising platform as well as a streaming business. Read complete 3 minutes story here.

The Circular Economy: Four Million Business Models and Counting

A catalogue of sustainability-driven business models.

Closing supply chain loops can give companies a real competitive advantage, as demonstrated most recently by the likes of IKEA. Keep reading here.

Uber and the doublespeak at the heart of Silicon Valley

Technology isn’t just disrupting how we work or how we get around; it’s distorting reality and reshaping narratives.

Keep reading here on new forms of collective governance have arrived, all driven by platforms.

Oracle turns to innovation hubs to drive cultural and business shift to cloud

How they measure innovation success in the hub is different to the daily operations of the existing business.

You can go a long way when executives buy into innovation – validating my speeches on my concept and proposal on the INNOVATION HUB! Thanks ORACLE – read full story here!

Netflix Avoids Rules Like the Plague & Its Replacement Is Brilliant

Over time, a process-focused culture drives out the high-performing employees that companies aim to keep.

Focus on hiring the best. Set guidelines, not rules. Reward great performance. Read the full story here.

How Managerial Leadership Drives Innovation

It’s hard to build an organization that is capable of innovating successfully over and over again.

Innovation is the source of competitive advantage, so it’s naturally hard to do. Read the interview with Gary Pisano here.

How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth?

Measuring the economic impact of innovation by analysing over a million American patents.

The level of breakthrough innovations is associated to changing productivity levels across time periods, industries, and firms – read the complete story here.