Why Products, Technology, And Price Aren’t Enough To Keep Your Company Competitive

In this interview, Alex Osterwalder shares his best insights into the world of business models—ideas that are especially applicable now as entrepreneurs try to launch businesses during Covid-19. He explains why products, technology, and price alone aren’t enough to keep your company competitive. Well-spent hour podcast here.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

An oldie, but some great lessons and ideas in there.

Give mighty power to creatives and collaboration. Goldie, but Goldie – keep reading here.

Testing Business Ideas with David J. Bland

Ideas need to be tested to see what they need to succeed.

David hopes to influence change in funding startups, as he believes that it should be based on evidence rather than emotion. Keep reading here.

This is why hackathons are essentially useless

A lot of work is put into ideas that never make it past the day of the event.

Hackathons are a perfect example of “innovation theatre”. Have path for “after the Hackathon” and drive things though. Keep reading here.

Testing business ideas – bookreview

Maaren Korz shares his review of our latest business bestseller Testing Business Ideas.

It’s great to see the new concepts resonating in the community and reviewed by others. Video takes roughly 8 minutes – got that time? Go here

Assumption Mapping Before Testing Business Ideas Facilitates Better Product Decisions

David Bland discusses the different approaches to testing your business ideas with host Holly Hester-Reilly.

David talks through the concepts and experiments from his latest book, Testing Business Ideas. Keep reading the story here.

Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Ecosystem

Building an innovation ecosystem requires developing capabilities for exploring new ideas, experimentation, accepting failure, and working with external partners.

Leveraging talent both inside and outside of the company, is the best way to respond to a competitive, ever-changing environment. Folllow this link to read the full story.

Innovation: too much talk and not enough thinking

Ways of fostering creativity instead of obsession with superficial ideas.

Too few people are involved in the innovation process, resulting in a clear failure to capture the organisation’s cognitive surplus. Interested in reading more? Follow this link to the 3 minutes read.

Don’t Blame Research For A Lack Of Innovation

Thousands of companies find it easier to turn their back on new ideas because they’re simply too difficult to handle.

We need to re-balance the efforts to ensure we’re spending enough time partnering with our clients to help these ideas survive and thrive. It is a 3 minutes read here.

How to Stop Playing “Target Market Roulette”

Find here a superset of tools.

Zoom out even further and learn where to start the search for your new business ideas.