The BMW Group and Microsoft launch the Open Manufacturing Platform.

Two giants create a mutually beneficial partnership to fast-track innovation in the manufacturing sector.

The ‘Open Manufacturing Platform’ looks to create new opportunities for collaboration across the entire manufacturing value chain. Read the story here.

Who Should You Hire to Up Your Innovation Game?

What type of personality is best suited for innovation in order to optimize hiring processes.

Collaboration is becoming a real competitive advantage and highlights the importance of having people around that compliment your team. Read complete story here.

How Companies Get You to Pay More for the Same Product

Strategies for increasing revenue include bundles, collaborations, ephemeral product drops and so-called premium economy.

Read more here on add-on revenue models with a unique marketing twist can attract customers.

Spotify ‘doing a Netflix’: is Daniel Ek’s platform already too big for the labels to stop it?

The streaming giant’s relentless pursuit of market share has put them in a competitive position to negotiate directly with the top artists.

The music labels might have left it too late to be able to prevent Spotify from signing artists away from them. Keep reading here.

50 Examples of Corporations That Failed to Innovate

A lot of companies that experience innovation success, grab onto it and believe that it’s their secret to an everlasting success. This mindset puts any company at risk of failure but refusing to evolve with the market can be even more devastating. “Without a robust and resilient innovation strategy, no company can survive,” says Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs. A good reminder that successful companies aren’t necessarily invincible.

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Leading Through Experimentation

Lack of leadership support stifles innovation. So does a Heroic leadership style.

A Heroic leadership style kills the experimentation, data-driven and collaborative approach required for successful innovation.

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The Myth Of The Innovation Lab

“Innovation labs have become popular as a way for established corporates to manage innovation. […] It appears that companies are finding innovation labs to be good way to explore new technologies and startup ideas.”

“What we are learning is that the opening of the innovation lab itself often represents innovation theater – played out at the leadership level within the company.”

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