Swiss Startup is Building a Scalable Approach to Management Consulting

Innovation consulting is the practice of training teams to design new business models and profit centers for companies.

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Journalism needs new business models, not more complaints about Big Tech

Plenty of newsrooms are clinging onto decaying business models.

Going against the grain when it comes to customer habits is rarely a good idea. Keep reading here.

McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model Defined Innovation for Years. Here’s Why It No Longer Applies.

Taking a time-based approach to innovation might have worked in 2000, but it’s not a valid strategy in today’s cut-throat business world.

Many disruptions can be rapidly implemented by repurposing existing Horizon 1 technologies into new business models. Keep reading here …!

Companies have a new skill to master – innovation

Implementing the latest technology is an important aspect of any modern business, but it’s not innovation.

Read here how successful businesses of the future will understand the wider innovation ecosystem – notably how to explore new business models, exploit existing ones and manage an innovation portfolio.

Can the ‘broken’ fashion industry become more sustainable?

The world has been warned by fashion leaders that the industry drastically requires new business models to counter the environmental harm of fast fashion.

Read here why Young people’s shopping habits have changed and asking for more sustainable and diverse business model alternatives than the ones currently offered by the big high street brands.

Zillow, Aggregation, and Integration

An analysis of Zillow’s decision to change its business model, going from being a marketplace connecting home-seekers with home-owners to becoming a real estate investor and subsequently becoming a competitor on its own platform.

Well, it is a rather complex read, but an interesting one. The post highlights the impact of radical business model changes on stock markets, the high risks and potential rewards. Zillow seems to be determined to change the status quo in the real estate space.

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