Facebook to buy Giphy for $400 million

Giphy is a massive video library, with hundreds of millions of daily users that share billions of GIFs, that generates revenue via branded content. Adding Facebook’s ad sales and marketing firepower could be what transforms it from a popular service into a highly profitable one. Keep reading here.

Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Lead Transformation

Helping elephants do ballet with Tendayi Viki.

The most successful companies should be the most worried about the future. Roughly 7 minutes Q&A video if you follow this link.

The Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade

In an era of relentless change, a company survives and thrives based on its ability to re-position itself to create a new future.

Innovation is required in both the exploitation of existing business models and the exploration of new ones. Nice 7 minutes read here.

A Guide for Intrapreneurs

How employees can catalyze innovation from within organisations.

Only eight of the thirty most transformative innovations were first conceived by entrepreneurs; 22 were conceived by employees. Keep reading the story here.

Most Companies Lack A Defined Innovation Strategy

Innovation efforts are shifting from invention and R&D to full transformation.

Executing before your organization has a defined strategy can cause more confusion & conflict. Read the 2 minutes story here.

Why Digital Transformation Isn’t About Digital

Years after the necessity of digital transformation efforts hit the business world’s radar, they remain critical to a company’s success. They also remain incredibly difficult to do successfully.

Why? Most focus on getting the “digital” part right—and don’t focus enough on nailing the “transformation.”. Keep reading here.

Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’

A framework for successful transformations.

The path to digital transformation is littered with episodes that disrupt customers, employees, and partners. Reading and watching (video): follow me.

A New Way For Electricity

A fascinating insight into how a 100-year-old business model is undergoing radical transformation.

In today’s world it’s riskier to kind of maintain the status quo than it is to try and do something different. 5-6 minutes read here.

President Of SYPartners Explains How Practicing Design Thinking Transforms Company Culture

President of SYPartners, Jessica Orkin, on finding the right balance between aspiration and empathy inside large companies.

Strive to be great all the time rather than perfect. Takes just two minutes for the complete story here.

Pokémon GO and optimism as a business model

The virtual reality (VR) hype has drastically faded since the release of Pokemon Go.

Technology hasn’t totally lost its potential to be transformative in a positive way, but we’ve become more sceptical – read more here.