Rebuilding the Economy Around Good Jobs

A big problem that we often see out in the field is that we humans have a tendency to make a lot of assumptions.

That often leads us to fall into five possible communication traps. Got interested? Press link to go to original post.

The dark side of A/B testing

The three hidden traps and faux-pas of one of businesses’ favourite tests.

Statistical calculations based on t-tests can lead you down the wrong path. Read the full story (4 minutes read) here.

Apple Traps Consumers in an App Store War

The likes of Apple and Google have created moats around their app stores, taking as much as 30c on the dollar for all in-app purchases.

These moats are creating frustrating user experiences for the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but even more so for smaller developers who don’t have a viable alternative than to share their revenues with the tech giants – story: here.

10 Monster Projects That Will Kill Your Career as an Intrapreneur

Innovation and disruption is important for large companies, but the people responsible for it can easily be sabotaged. Do these innovation projects sound familiar? Has your company blocked it’s future success? Read this enjoyable article about it …