Why Entrepreneurs Outperform Intrapreneurs

“Mid-20th century economists, most notably John Kenneth Galbraith, predicted that large companies would be responsible for most of the groundbreaking innovations in our future. History has proved them dead wrong.

In fact, the opposite has turned out to be true. Startups – entrepreneurial companies – are the engine of innovation in the modern economy, and as a result they grow disproportionately faster than large, established firms.”

Nice article from Bill Barnett – read the full article here. Also links nicely to a previous post “Why There’s No Such Thing as a Corporate Entrepreneur

Bottom line there is a lot of truth in both posts – nonetheless, it always depends on the ***Preneurs ‘themselves’. It can happen that you have a right environment with the right setup with the right spirited ***Preneurs in a corporate or enterprise, that comes VERY, VERY close to a Startup-Up/Entrepreneur kind of spirit, execution, success, and pace. But it depends on environment and people- well, as always … 🙂

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