How IKEA Plans To Become A Circular Business By 2030

A year into IKEA’s quest to adopt a circular business model, sustainability head Lena Pripp-Kovac shares their progress.

Changing people’s behaviours is as important as designing with circularity in mind. Follow this link to read the full story.

Why Do Media Companies Struggle To Produce Anything Of Value

A detailed analysis on why media companies struggle to create value.

Most wait for others to try new things, and then adopt those things once they have proven successful. Quick 2 minutes read – if you follow this link.

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally: Running a Business Is a Design Job

Having optimism, empathy, holistic thinking, collaboration, and an open mind are the keys to successful leadership and disruption.

Emotional resilience and relentless implementation are two behaviours leaders need to adopt in order to run successful businesses. Keep reading complete story here.

End the Innovation Obsession

Adopting the shiniest new technology is not the answer to innovation.

Rather, look to adopt new ideas and tools that already exist but make sense in a new context, or return to methods that have evidence of working in the past. Keep reading here.

Why every startup should adopt Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles

In this article Marc Hoag lines up and explains in a really great way on the 14 principles:

Amazon Echo

1. Customer Obsession
2. Ownership
3. Invent & simplify
4. Are right, a lot
5. Learn & be curious
6. Hire and develop the best
7. Insist on the highest standards
8. Think Big
9. Bias for action
10. Frugality
11. Earn trust
12. Dive deep
13. Have backbone; disagree & commit
14. Deliver results

Open Innovation Generates Great Ideas, So Why Aren’t Companies Adopting Them?

“Today, many companies see open innovation — a process for sharing knowledge and ideas with other organizations — as a core part of their strategy for developing new offerings. Examples include L’Oréal working with Renault on an electric “spa” concept car and auto-parts makers Delphi and Mobileye joining forces to produce an autonomous driving system. Many companies have found that such partnerships generate cost savings and creative insights.
… Creating flexibility during implementation leads to more support and buy-in for an idea. Ideas that incorporate the diverse views of different experts and stakeholders are stronger. This might seem like signing up for an extra obstacle, but additional iterations mean that executives and other stakeholders are likely to be more convinced of an idea’s merits. Working together in the five ways we have described raises the odds that an idea will be put into practice and not wither and die.”
Read the full original story here!