Redefining corporate functions to better support strategy and growth

Striking the right balance between decentralized functions and centralized control starts with addressing the needs of business units.

Over the past decade, companies have struggled with organizational designs that vary widely in how centralized or decentralized they are across functions. (…) Against this backdrop, McKinsey believes companies need a new approach to set up functions that maximize business value and successfully serve business units. This approach is based on three core beliefs. Keep reading the original post of McKinsey here.

Quiz: Test Your Innovation Knowledge

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Guest Blog: Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

Provided by Abishai James from  White Ranking Technologies

In the future, many upcoming start-ups and renowned industries will step into the mobile application market and the apps developed using Blockchain technology will bring transparency and money into the business. 

However there are different opinions regarding blockchain, but looking at its growth rate in the field of mobile applications one can easily say that an App store developed on blockchain technology might even replace the renowned Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store by becoming the most important medium for searching, downloading, and purchasing premium apps.

Are you new to Blockchain Apps? Do you need some help in knowing how to incorporate blockchain into your next mobile app? Here are a few steps to assist you in reaching your goal.

Know the apps suitable for blockchain

Even though there are various technologies at the end of your fingertips offering you unimaginable advantages, but still every technology won’t fit into mobile applications. 

Moreover, applications that are developed only to publish content and articles without having an active in-app purchase interface, blockchain may not be required at all.

Consider key technologies

Bringing together blockchain and mobile applications needs detailed knowledge and mastery of the technology and several other factors like blockchain platforms, programming languages, front-end, network, processes like back-end, and quality assurance for different mobile platforms, etc.

How to implement Blockchain?

Executing blockchain in mobile app development has noticeable benefits. And once you gain mastery in the above-mentioned factors it will become easy for you to develop an app based on Blockchain. 

Choose the suitable consensus-based method– One should have in-depth knowledge about the mutual consensus mechanism it will help you know the unconditional accessibility and security of the blockchain.

UI and admin panel design– Now, it’s time for you to start working on developing the admin panel and app UI of the blockchain app. Using a front-end programming language, an external database, and designated app servers one can easily develop a blockchain application.

AC Market has developed an infographic to give a detailed description and explain the advantages of Blockchain In Mobile Application Market:

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