Quiz: Test Your Innovation Knowledge

How much do you know about corporate innovation concepts, key thinkers, famous failures, and Silicon Valley disruptors? Try a 22 question quiz by InnovationLeader here.

The Age of Innovation is Here to Stay, Are You Prepared for It?

While the internet still continues to drive economic growth and disrupt certain industries, we’re on the verge of the next wave.

Organizations need to ensure the competitiveness of current business models (explore) while simultaneously preparing for the future (exploit). Here is the full story.

Mastering The Duality Of Digital: How Companies Withstand Disruption

Building new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations.

Incumbents must mount a well-calibrated, dual effort to create new models and digitize current businesses. Keep reading here at McKinsey.

Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’

A framework for successful transformations.

The path to digital transformation is littered with episodes that disrupt customers, employees, and partners. Reading and watching (video): follow me.

Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation. 

A wave of business model innovation will be upon us soon. Short blog on avc here.

Traditional company, new businesses: The pairing that can ensure an incumbent’s survival

Big companies need to innovate outside of their core business.

Taking the explore & exploit approach to innovation is the only way to survive long-term disruption and truly thrive in the business world. Follow this link and invest a bit more than 5 minutes to read …

Uber and the doublespeak at the heart of Silicon Valley

Technology isn’t just disrupting how we work or how we get around; it’s distorting reality and reshaping narratives.

Keep reading here on new forms of collective governance have arrived, all driven by platforms.

The quest to make gasoline out of thin air

There’s a huge global demand for more circular business models to disrupt dirty industries.

Inventing a process for removing carbon from the air and turning it into fuel is an interesting new approach. Read more? Go here … it’ll take you just 5 minutes to read.

In Fast-Moving Industry, Ferrari Stays The Course

Lessons for companies faced with technological disruption.

Remembering how your company creates and captures value is essential in any any decision making exercise. Read the full 2 minutes story here.

What’s Really Disrupting Business? It’s Not Technology

In most cases, consumers are disrupting markets, not startups and certainly not technology.

Read here how changing consumer interests and habits is what’s really driving change across industries, and the winners are the ones who identify those changes and react the quickest.