Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation. 

A wave of business model innovation will be upon us soon. Short blog on avc here.

Andreessen Horowitz Is Blowing Up The Venture Capital Model (Again)

Andreessen Horowitz has just pivoted from a traditional venture captial fund to a financial advisory.

Read here on why by renouncing its venture capital status, it’ll be able to go deeper on riskier bets, and leave traditional VC’s with one hand tied behind their back.

3 Ways Early-Stage VCs Add Value to Portfolio Companies

With investors deploying record amounts of capital, founders and executive in search of cash don’t have to look too hard for it these days.

Here are three different ways early-stage investors can bring value to their portfolio companies.

* Experience and expertise
* Company building
* Future financing and exits

Read the full article from Sunny Dhillon on Forbes here.

What Leaders Need To Do To Boost Innovation

Really nice blog from the Strategyzer folks (original & complete one here), which deals with the four elements seen by Alexander (Osterwalder) crucial for leaders to make innovation a reality.

1. Allocate Money – VC Style
2. Invest Substantial Amounts Of Time
3. Give Innovation Power
4. Create A Strategic Space For Innovation To Function

Again: Read the full blog here.

The 10 Things NOT To Do When Pitching a Venture Capitalist

This blog (follow this link to the complete / original post) is really a neat overview of things to keep in mind when pitching to a VC. It is actually complementing a previous post: “This article is […] about what I’ve learned pitching venture capitalists for Ellevest. While one might be tempted to try to avoid the VC path – and there are an increasing number of ways for entrepreneurs to raise money, such as angel groups and crowdfunding – for now, if you’re raising above a certain amount, you’re going to have to go the venture capital route. And I’m hoping that maybe – just maybe – VCs will work to up their game with women entrepreneurs, and so there will be greater funding opportunities. Some already are.”

What does Sarah look for in a pitch?

Pitching something might be hard – at least for the first dozen and more times. Here Sarah Guo (Venture Capitalist at Greylock Partners) is sharing really valuable and comprehensive insight on the topics, which are important to her. A really great 10-12 minutes read!