Innovation Strategy – Innovative Strategies in Business

On Digital Leadership Stefan F.Dieffenbacher has written an awesome packed article focusing one of the most important aspects for every company that (wants to) do(es) innovation!

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An aggregated view on innovation – especially for corporates dealing with the following aspects:

  • What is Innovation Strategy?
  • Innovation Strategy Importance
  • Importance of an Innovation
  • How to Develop an Effective Innovation Strategy?
  • How to Implement an Innovation Strategy?
  • Innovation Strategies Examples
  • Types of Innovation Strategies
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Why digital identity will make or break the Metaverse

I found this post rather interesting – about why identity matters. Especially looking at the wild-wild-west-cowboy-anarchy several areas of the web are (still) in. Looking forward this is needed – identity, authenticity, KYC, etc. Otherwise the “Metaverse” will be a place with limited trust and no peace of mind, which would certainly hamper a scaled mass adoption.

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“Amid the hype and potential, there’s a lot of work to be done to establish the fundamentals that will make the Metaverse a safe experience for all. In particular, access must be underpinned by verified identities. Without verified identities in the Metaverse, anonymous bots can wreak havoc. For businesses, business people and celebrities, impersonators can cause damage to their brand and reputation, not to mention the new opportunities it creates for scammers and fraudsters. Ensuring trusted identity will therefore be fundamental to the safety and success of the Metaverse.”

Got interested? Follow me here in order to read the full post from Matt Peake on onfido.

Reshaping retail banks – Enhancing banking for the next digital age

“The current model of universal retail banking is unsustainable over the long term. To thrive, banks need to reinvent themselves, focusing on businesses where they can achieve and extend market leadership in the new digital world.”

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“Today’s retail banking market is vastly different in shape and structure from the old environment, in which the traditional model of universal banking was economically sound. In the new world, the winning banks will be those that carefully choose the businesses in which they can lead and commit to building a value proposition, core technology, and operating model fit to win on the digital battlefield.”

Got interested? Then read the original and complete post on here.

Elements Paving The Path To The Metaverse

Thomas has been attending the Munich TechDays this year as Rainmaker from Metacity and gave a speech on the upper mentioned topic.

“What a great and awesome day at #MunichTechDays it has been! WoW! Totally overwhelmed meeting all the old and new friends – and on top chatting with outstanding inspiring industry megastars! Thank you Peter Moehring and the overall team that made this event happen this year! I truly enjoyed sharing my view on #Metaverse in my presentation for #MetaCity “Elements Paving The Path To The Metaverse”. “

“Good to see the brave and strong traction, which is being generated in this field – really, really happy to see that!” The full presentation can be seen here:

Another extreme pleasure and honour it was to be on the same stage in the #AI and #Metaverse slot – talking about the #MetaVerse with Kevin Niekrawietz today at the #MunichTechDays. For sure we will follow on a dozen of super-creative (and most probably very tangible) topics for the #future.

In the meantime we are wrapping our minds around the challenge on how to beam and morph bikes into the #Metacity … probably #NFT is a viable solution? Paid with #MetaCity #TOQNs?!”

Looking forward to next year!!

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