Target Just Made an Amazing Announcement About Toys R Us

Both retailers outsourced their online operations to Amazon in the early 2000’s. Only one survived.

Outsourcing its entire digital product to a giant competitor is how the new Toys R Us will kick-off. It’s no different to where they were back in the year 2000. Keep reading here

Mastering The Duality Of Digital: How Companies Withstand Disruption

Building new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations.

Incumbents must mount a well-calibrated, dual effort to create new models and digitize current businesses. Keep reading here at McKinsey.

Why Digital Transformation Isn’t About Digital

Years after the necessity of digital transformation efforts hit the business world’s radar, they remain critical to a company’s success. They also remain incredibly difficult to do successfully.

Why? Most focus on getting the “digital” part right—and don’t focus enough on nailing the “transformation.”. Keep reading here.

Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’

A framework for successful transformations.

The path to digital transformation is littered with episodes that disrupt customers, employees, and partners. Reading and watching (video): follow me.

Amazon’s next big thing may redefine big

Arguably their biggest innovation to date, AWS, looks the most likely digital engine to power the future of machine learning.

It’s in society’s direction to actually decide which technology is applicable under which conditions. Interested in reading more? Go here and invest 5 minutes for reading.

‘Amazon is a threat’ but Ikea’s digital chief says she has a plan

IKEA’s phenomenal retail growth led them to becoming disconnected from the modern digital needs of their customers.

A focus on better serving customers will help IKEA be fit for the future. Keep reading here.

Checking In? No Thanks. I’m Just Here to Use the Wi-Fi.

WeWork is getting into the hotel game, and hotels are revamping their lobbies as “productivity spaces” to offer Wi-Fi and coffee as alternatives to co-working spaces.

Idle key resources can be put to use and offered to a new customer segment, like digital nomads. Read it here.

Changing role: CIOs taking the lead in driving ‘distributed innovation’

Logicalis Global survey of 840 CIOs finds that 83% now driving or enabling new approaches to organisational innovation.

Digital progress has reached a tipping point where a half of respondents say their organisation’s business model has already changed or is changing.

Walmart as “innovation company” – the CEO perspective on retail digital transformation

CEO Doug McMillon outlines the importance of testing and failure and how they’ve applied it at Walmart.

Here is an interesting insight into one Walmart’s customer-centric focus and how it’s growing the company.

Why Kodak Died and Fujifilm Thrived: A Tale of Two Film Companies

All of a sudden Kodak and Fujifilm were forced to compete against dozens of companies in the low margin business of digital cameras.

Fujifilm took a diversified approach (cosmetics, electronics) to their innovation strategy in order to generate new revenues outside of the saturated, low-profit digital camera industry. Read the full article here.