Mobility’s net-zero transition: A look at opportunities and risks

A transition to net-zero emissions would entail much greater demand for electric vehicles. McKinsey analysis shows how the shift could create opportunities and risks for automakers around the world.

Mobility is essential to social interaction, commerce, exploration, and self-expression—and now it must be decarbonized to limit the buildup of physical climate risks. The transition to low-emission mobility requires not just a move away from ICE technologies but also the reengineering of value chains. Coordinated responses by the private and public sectors can ease this transition, so that stakeholders can benefit from the opportunities and weather the risks it will bring. Read the full article here.

Why Do Media Companies Struggle To Produce Anything Of Value

A detailed analysis on why media companies struggle to create value.

Most wait for others to try new things, and then adopt those things once they have proven successful. Quick 2 minutes read – if you follow this link.

Bigger teams aren’t always better in science and tech

An analysis of more than 65 million research papers found that smaller teams are much more likely to introduce disruptive new ideas than larger ones.

Small teams remember forgotten ideas, ask questions and create new directions, whereas large teams chase hotspots, forget less popular ideas and answer questions. Keep reading here

Analysis Paralysis…Innovators Move Fast

“Refining your idea too much in the early stages of testing is a trap. Uncertainty and risk is at its maximum when you start out. You can’t reduce uncertainty with analytical thinking, so don’t waste your time perfecting your idea. It’s really about getting out there, searching for evidence, and iterating.”
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