How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

An oldie, but some great lessons and ideas in there.

Give mighty power to creatives and collaboration. Goldie, but Goldie – keep reading here.

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

The rise of remote and distributed teams and the companies driving them.

A deep dive into the work collaboration space and how businesses are forming the future of work. Got interested? Follow this link.

To Reimagine the Future of Education, Innovation Isn’t Enough

Fostering collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and lifelong learning will become essential skills in the future.

We need to create tools that serve and support a broader learning ecosystem. Take the 2 minutes to read the story here.

The BMW Group and Microsoft launch the Open Manufacturing Platform.

Two giants create a mutually beneficial partnership to fast-track innovation in the manufacturing sector.

The ‘Open Manufacturing Platform’ looks to create new opportunities for collaboration across the entire manufacturing value chain. Read the story here.

Who Should You Hire to Up Your Innovation Game?

What type of personality is best suited for innovation in order to optimize hiring processes.

Collaboration is becoming a real competitive advantage and highlights the importance of having people around that compliment your team. Read complete story here.

How Is The Nature Of Management Changing?

We need to make profound systemic changes not just to management practices, but to the wider innovation ecosystem.

Businesses need to become masters of people, purpose, trust, transparency and collaboration to succeed in the 21st century. Read here more on the story!

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally: Running a Business Is a Design Job

Having optimism, empathy, holistic thinking, collaboration, and an open mind are the keys to successful leadership and disruption.

Emotional resilience and relentless implementation are two behaviours leaders need to adopt in order to run successful businesses. Keep reading complete story here.

How Companies Get You to Pay More for the Same Product

Strategies for increasing revenue include bundles, collaborations, ephemeral product drops and so-called premium economy.

Read more here on add-on revenue models with a unique marketing twist can attract customers.

Integrating Startups into the Parent Organization

Establishing the metrics that define success, creating “islands of freedom” with appropriate and scalable liability constraints, and convincing senior leadership to adopt this new approach each involve difficult negotiations that require professional and full-time attention.

The fundamental questions are: For any experiment that succeeds, how will it find a home in the organization? Will it be absorbed by an existing division or become an entirely new division? How is that decided? Whose decision is it? Keep on reading here!