Swiss Startup is Building a Scalable Approach to Management Consulting

Innovation consulting is the practice of training teams to design new business models and profit centers for companies.

Interested? Read the story here.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

An oldie, but some great lessons and ideas in there.

Give mighty power to creatives and collaboration. Goldie, but Goldie – keep reading here.

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

The rise of remote and distributed teams and the companies driving them.

A deep dive into the work collaboration space and how businesses are forming the future of work. Got interested? Follow this link.

Corporate innovation labs: Source of innovation or marketing hype?

Innovation theatre is real.

We need to go beyond efficiency innovation and apply explore and exploit model. Keep reading here.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Preparing To Leave The Lab – Is The World Ready?

The business case for launching legged robots.

Can robots really make working life better or will humans be treated more like robots? It’s an interesting 5 minutes read here.

AmazonBasics products are now best-sellers in 22 of Amazon’s 51 categories

Create a marketplace, fill it with merchants, then offer customers more value through your efficiencies of scale.

Amazon’s private label brand generated $7.5 billion last year alone, and is expected to grow. A new growth engine perhaps? Read here more on it …

To Reimagine the Future of Education, Innovation Isn’t Enough

Fostering collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and lifelong learning will become essential skills in the future.

We need to create tools that serve and support a broader learning ecosystem. Take the 2 minutes to read the story here.

To Succeed at Business You Need a Startup Mindset

Financial investment is not always the fuel you need to achieve growth.

Read here on why you can leverage existing resources, pre-sell the idea and still deliver value through non-scalable approaches.

Inside jHub, the secretive UK military lab working with startups

Innovation theatre is very real, but the UK Government and Military aren’t falling for it.

With buy in from top executives, jHub also lowers the barrier of entry for startups to work with the government. Read here the complete story.

The BMW Group and Microsoft launch the Open Manufacturing Platform.

Two giants create a mutually beneficial partnership to fast-track innovation in the manufacturing sector.

The ‘Open Manufacturing Platform’ looks to create new opportunities for collaboration across the entire manufacturing value chain. Read the story here.