Steve Blank on Why The Startup Ecosystem is Partially A Ponzi Scheme

3 Things That Determine Startup Survival in a COVID World & Facebook: Platform vs Publisher and Where Does Their Responsibility Lie?

Got interested? Follow this link to listen to the almost 40 minutes interview!

Swiss Startup is Building a Scalable Approach to Management Consulting

Innovation consulting is the practice of training teams to design new business models and profit centers for companies.

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How to Raise Money — It’s a Journey Not an Event

Founders need to keep their eye on the prize not just the next funding round

Not all startups need outside investment to grow. Interested? Keep reading the article on LinkedIn here.

Testing Business Ideas with David J. Bland

Ideas need to be tested to see what they need to succeed.

David hopes to influence change in funding startups, as he believes that it should be based on evidence rather than emotion. Keep reading here.

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

The rise of remote and distributed teams and the companies driving them.

A deep dive into the work collaboration space and how businesses are forming the future of work. Got interested? Follow this link.

Why The Government Isn’t A Bigger Version Of A Startup

Innovation activities in government agencies most often result in innovation theater.

While these activities shape and build culture, they don’t win wars, and rarely deliver shippable or deployable products. Read the story here.

Looking For A Business Plan Alternative? Consider A Business Model Canvas For Startups

A great primer on how and when to use the Business Model Canvas.

Take a high-level view of your business idea and focus on the key elements you’ll need to make it viable, then test away your assumptions. Keep reading here.

11 Lessons From Startup Chapter 11s

11 detailed case studies looking into what caused the demise of such promising businesses.

There’s something to be learned from each and every one of these stories that you can apply to your own businesses to ensure this doesn’t happen! Keep reading here.

Starbucks Chases Amazon Into The Cloud With Investment In Tech Startup Brightloom

Bringing the technologies of both companies together to build the ultimate end-to-end platform for restaurants to meet increased consumer demand.

Key partnerships can play a key role in growing your business model. Keep reading the story here.

To Succeed at Business You Need a Startup Mindset

Financial investment is not always the fuel you need to achieve growth.

Read here on why you can leverage existing resources, pre-sell the idea and still deliver value through non-scalable approaches.