The Ultimate Testing Framework

By investing in a business plan, you’re actually investing into one idea and one way for it to be executed.

Instead, it’s most beneficial to invest in a team and the team’s ability to continuously adapt the value proposition and business model until it works. Great 50 minutes podcast! Follow this link.

Testing Business Ideas with David J. Bland

Ideas need to be tested to see what they need to succeed.

David hopes to influence change in funding startups, as he believes that it should be based on evidence rather than emotion. Keep reading here.

Testing business ideas – bookreview

Maaren Korz shares his review of our latest business bestseller Testing Business Ideas.

It’s great to see the new concepts resonating in the community and reviewed by others. Video takes roughly 8 minutes – got that time? Go here

Assumption Mapping Before Testing Business Ideas Facilitates Better Product Decisions

David Bland discusses the different approaches to testing your business ideas with host Holly Hester-Reilly.

David talks through the concepts and experiments from his latest book, Testing Business Ideas. Keep reading the story here.

At, Innovation Means Constant Failure

The importance of building a testing culture within your organization, where you can run a lot of experiments on a very, very large scale.

If your hit rate is only about 10%, but if you’re running 10,000 experiments, you’re still getting 1,000 right. This can have a huge impact on your business. Listen to 25 minutes podcast or take 10 minutes for the transcript – here.

The dark side of A/B testing

The three hidden traps and faux-pas of one of businesses’ favourite tests.

Statistical calculations based on t-tests can lead you down the wrong path. Read the full story (4 minutes read) here.

IKEA’s original job-to-be-done is changing with time, and so are they

IKEA’s original job-to-be-done has changed with time.

They are testing furniture rentals and subscription-based models to fit into younger customer’s expectations (rental vs ownership). Read the full story here.

Principles of Experiment Flow

Three easy-to-apply principles to guide running experiments for a new business idea.

Making testing a repeatable process will help you beat competitors in the long run. Read full story here.

The two questions companies should ask to stay relevant

How to pick the winners from the losers when deciding what’s the ‘next big thing’ – testing!

Strategic management scholar Rita McGrath’s research demonstrates the need to test the feasibility, desirability, and viability of your business plans – read full story here.

Walmart as “innovation company” – the CEO perspective on retail digital transformation

CEO Doug McMillon outlines the importance of testing and failure and how they’ve applied it at Walmart.

Here is an interesting insight into one Walmart’s customer-centric focus and how it’s growing the company.