When Employees Are Open With Each Other, But Not Management

Side conversations can have a detrimental effect on a company’s culture. 

They occur because people believe it’s not acceptable to tell the truth publicly. More reading here.

No bosses, no managers: the truth behind the ‘flat hierarchy’ facade

Exploring the real outcomes of “flat” company cultures where management and rules are relaxed to encourage creativity, innovation, and happy workers here.

Some good examples on what not to do, and the danger signs to keep an eye out for. Remember: culture has to be constantly nurtured.

The Myth Of The Innovation Lab

“Innovation labs have become popular as a way for established corporates to manage innovation. […] It appears that companies are finding innovation labs to be good way to explore new technologies and startup ideas.”

“What we are learning is that the opening of the innovation lab itself often represents innovation theater – played out at the leadership level within the company.”

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